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Candeia bisabolol

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Candeia bisabolol

Eremanthus erythropappus

A pioneer tree, common in the higher regions of the Mantiqueira and Espinhaço mountain ranges, predominantly in the Atlantic Forest biome and its transition zone with the Cerrado, a region highly modified by agricultural occupation of the last centuries. The candeia forms dense forests where it is the dominant species, which makes sustainable forest management viable.

AlBi®, the Natural Alpha-Bisabolol trademark registered by Atina, is obtained from the essential oil of candeia wood by physical and clean processes of steam-dragging and vacuum fractioning. It is a product of very high purity, with a minimum content of 95% levomenol, an active isomer of Alpha-Bisabolol.

AlBi® meets the demanding socio-environmental certification standards of FSC® (License Code: FSC-C019578). In addition to FSC, Atina is also certified by Ecocert, following the organic certification standards NOP/USDA and the Brazilian Organic law.

Atina's Bisabolol is the ideal option for companies seeking to have the effectiveness of natural bisabolol together with a guarantee of the sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity. The sustainable management of candeia forests promoted by Atina and our recognised commitment to Brazilian biodiversity gives our clients the opportunity to reinforce their sustainability credentials by actively contributing to the preservation of the Atlantic Forest

Health and Beauty

Natural Alpha-Bisabolol is recommended in a wide range of cosmetic formulations for the skin for its anti-irritant and calming action, associated with its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition to these well-known actions, it is stable in a wide range of pH. The known efficacy and the appeal of its natural origin, makes Candeia Bisabolol one of the most sought after natural assets for formulations intended for sensitive skin. It is widely used in after-shave formulations, baby products and anti-aging creams, among several other applications. Because it is a skin permeation vector, it can be used as a carrier of other actives for deeper layers of the dermis. Alone or in conjunction with other actives, it works as an equaliser of skin tone.

Na higiene bucal, tem uso em pastas de dente para gengivas sensíveis, atua na eliminação de biofilme em enxaguatórios bucais, e atenua a irritabilidade da gengiva de bebês durante a erupção dos primeiros dentes.

In oral hygiene it is used in toothpastes for sensitive gums, acts on the elimination of biofilm in oral rinses and attenuates the irritability of the gums of babies during the eruption of their first teeth.

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