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Meet our Company

Our Philosophy

We call our ingredients "natural assets" to underline the value creation of our supply chains.

Atina's search for new natural assets aims to meet the market demand for innovative products, while ensuring sustainable sources of raw materials. This requires a comprehensive approach and the structuring of resistant and flexible supply chains, which respect natural supply cycles and guarantee a regular and lasting supply. Our approach guarantees reliability of the final products and establishes fair trade conditions for all parties involved in the process.


Structuring supply chains for raw materials requires strong fieldwork to determine the sustainable supply capacity in each supply region. Several aspects need to be harmonized to ensure a regular and firm supply, such as capacity, volume, values, terms, logistics, quality and harvest. It is also necessary to develop methods of harvesting, pre-treatment, storage and transport, which preserve the chemical properties of the vegetables we work with.

After the raw material supply chain is structured, the next step is to ensure the standardization of the final ingredients, which means reducing to a minimum the variations in the chemical composition of the raw material, associated with climate, soil and the plant life cycle. This is especially challenging for ingredients derived from the native forest. Standardization begins with understanding variations, which requires collections and extractions in different seasons, sometimes over a few years. It is also important to look for different sources of supply, so that variations linked to climate and soil can be investigated.


Product development begins after the natural variation of the raw material is determined. In this stage, the extraction process route is established, through bench tests, pilot and industrial scale validations, and monitoring by physical-chemical and microbiological analyzes. Atina's factory brings together the best in extraction, purification and analysis equipment, and has professionals who combine knowledge, rigor and creativity.