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Know - History

Established in 2005, Atina initially focused on production of natural alpha-bisabolol (obtained from the essential oil of the candeia, a tree native to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest).


Based on the experience acquired with bisabolol, that presents both very challenging supply chain issues and a sophisticated production process, Atina began to work with other production chains, structuring new raw material supply chains and developing the necessary production processes to reach the final ingredient.

This process evolved with the adoption of industrial symbiosis concepts, whereby total use of natural raw materials is pursued, reducing waste to a minimum, and supply chains are also enhanced, becoming more resilient. This is one of Atina’s distinguishing features, expressing its stance on sustainability.

Along its history, creating new natural assets, Atina has accumulated experience to offer its clients a wide range of services, eveloping methods for the extraction of wood, fruit and seed products which preserve the olfactory characteristics and the nutritional and sensory wealth of plants. Atina only uses environmentally sound extraction procedures.

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